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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Coffee bags : To make the product outstanding from the rest

We are largest stockholder and manufacturer of each unprinted and made to order printed bolsas de cafe(coffee bags). A 3rd of the world’s population comprise of coffee drinkers, which might very provide an idea regarding the demand of coffee worldwide. As a result, there's a large demand of coffee bags also. Coffee packaging is critical for maintain its freshness , aroma and taste. For this reason, there are completely different forms of coffee bags and stand up pouches being manufactured currently, to particularly preserve the quality of coffee beans and ground coffee.

We manufacture coffee bags in several sizes and colors according to the need and also the budget of the client. We have a tendency to utilize the latest equipment to create stunning and attractive printed bags for custom order. Tin tie bags are a hot favorite amongst the coffee sellers recently, because of their versatility and ability to keep the coffee fresh for long periods, in spite of the weather. Coffee sellers used to sell loose coffee to the customers, however with the ease of availability of these bags, one will order the required number of bags and that we soon them as presently as possible. Unprinted coffee bags with resealable zipper are out there in numerous colors like white, brown, silver, black, red and more others.

We use materials like foil lamination, degassing valve, blended barrier films and metalized films for bolsas para cafe molido(packaging of ground coffee), green coffee beans and dark roasted coffee. we provide both flexographic and rotogravure printing depending on the design requirements of the client.

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