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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Packing for coffee with stand up pouch

If you are looking for the high quality of the envasado de café(coffee packaging), here at stand up pouches. The best coffee packaging pouches are the type that stop people right in their tracks. Stand up pouches are sold into a variety of markets including pet food, coffee, tea, natural product and specialty food. Stand up pouch often seen in the products such as cookies, nuts, dried fruit, candy, chips and powders.Packing are producing a multi-layer laminate that includes metalizedpolyester.Stand up pouches are quickly becoming an include in the flexible packaging industry for their great shelf display abilities.

If you are looking packing for coffee that can stand on shelf and have high insulation from moisture, oxygen and water then Stand up pouches are  best embalaje para el café(packing for coffee) as stand up pouches can be made of any material as per your choice which not only protects your coffee but also gives standing ability on shelf to attract customers by 360 degree view. Assortments that stand up pouch offers you to packing for coffee are as below.
  1. Stand up pouch offers you not only to package coffee beans but also coffee liqueur.
  2. You can make stand up pouch more fascinating by the metalizing which offers you designed transparent window to look your product outside without opening it.
  3. Sturdy material aspects offer you to pack your coffee as per your desire. You can pack 250gm to 5kg without any worry.
  4.  Zipper on the top notch of stand up pouch offers reusability of coffee packaging.
  5. One way deggasing valve is also easily merged to stand up pouch to keep your coffee fresh.
  6. To make packing for coffee more flexible you can enhance stand up pouch flexibility by  die cut handle or euro slot.
  7. Customization packaging for coffee is easily taken out in stand up pouch as well you can have stock packaging with whatever style you desire.
You also go deeper to explore the packaging materials and the type of structure. In stand up pouch different barrier structures available-clear structure, Aluminium foil structure etc.

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