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Monday, 25 November 2013

Which way coffee bag with valve affect roasted beans?

Any good coffee aficionado knows the value of fresh coffee, and a very good coffee expert knows every way to keep coffee freshest. But it takes the most keen of all specialists to inform you how these methods work.
Today you will learn exactly how a coffee bolsacon valvula (bag with valve) operates to keep your brown gold fresh!
They were developed to solve a problem in factories. You see freshly roasted coffee beans can emit co2 for up to 24 hours after coming out of the roaster. When coffee was initial bagged into air tight bags they would quickly refill with C02 and burst open. This was bad for the coffee companies. They'd several orders returned and shop owners started looking elsewhere for their coffee.
So the solution looks easy right? All you have to do is let it sit out for twenty-four hours before packaging. Well if it were that simple we would not have a bolsa para cafe (coffee bag) with valve today. You see when coffee is exposed to open air it goes stale very quickly. Consumers would hardly have their coffee a number of days before it became tasteless.
So, a smart people operating for a smart company, developed a special bad that will let CO2 out without permitting oxygen in! This was done by the use of a simple valve. As a result consumers around the world rejoice as coffee fresh from the roaster is bagged into air tight packaging that keep their wonderful coffee beans fresh.


  1. Coffee doesn't taste good if it ain't fresh. So, it is important to keep coffee is a good packing to prevent the entry of moisture and air. Thank you for the information about coffee freshness and bag valve. I'll definitely buy it.

    Finn Felton
    Kopi Luwak

  2. Thank you for your reply ....
    But plz tell me which type of bag You want to buy. So, I will give you further information regarding it. beacuse we have all different types of packaging bags.